LINAS FARM is an Albanian - European Company focusing on BIO PRODUCTS for efficient use of  energy!

LINAS FARM comes with a variety of products like:

-   Briquettes for industrial use and for family use.
-   Pellets for hotels, institutions and for family use.
-   Coals (charcoals) for fire for larger burning and heating systems, for home purposes, for barbeques, for pharmaceutical needs and related industry, etc.

LINAS FARM have large quantities of different models of stones in forms and in shape ready for wall decors, houses (internal and outside), for roads decors, for parks and garden and for general constructions!

LINAS FARM has large quantities of TURF / PEATY earth, ready product for:

-   Green Houses land circulations
-   Pots land for commercial producers of flowers
-   Garden purposes for enriching the land fertilization
-   For family, institution, stadiums, parks, gardens for decoration purposes as for planned PARK architectures!

The turf / peaty earth is very reach of minerals and is ranked as very high quality material even for mixing with other poor lands, for increasing their fertilizer potentials!

The main source, as a first raw material is our mother EARTH!

We reserve most of remaining “BIO GREENERY” Plantations and Earth recourses for generating our products for your needs!
Stone Production for Constructions and Decorations
Our Factory
Usage of our PRODUCTS daily - Home and Industry
Tel:       + 355 69 2093714

Rruga Nacionale e Korçës, Fshati Gështenjas,
Pogradec 7301, Albania EU
Stone Production for Constructions and Decorations
For thousands of years biomass (organic matter) was the primary source of energy. Since the industrial revolution, the combustion of fossil fuels, accounting for 87% of today’s global energy package, has replaced biomass as the primary source. Yet issues surrounding energy and food production and sustainable development engender new perspectives on the production of bio-fuels, especially from by-products of agro-industry and forestry. Biomass, now supporting 10% of world energy consumption, could increase to provide 25% of global energy needs.
This film combines figures, schematics, and interviews with professionals in the field (e.g. economist, farmer, mechanic, researcher, aircraft manufacturer...). The potential for biomass is evident, but its usage must be rational, optimized and adapted to local environments.
A film by Gérard Goma (scientific advisor) and Mathias Fyferling